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 Media and Advertising Management- Paper 1st

 Advertising Media Planning- Paper 2nd

Curriculum of Media and Advertising Management- Paper 1st   (IBM- E1057)


S.No. Topics
 1 Advertising Defined and its Role in Marketing:-Advertising Defined, Advertising and Publicity, How it all Began?, Case Study, Advertising Plan.
2 Marketing Mix Factors:-Marketing Mix Factors, Market Research, Research Methods, Market Share, Product, Brand, Packaging, Placement, Promotion, Personal Selling, After-Sales Service, Credit and its Control, Advertising Mix Factors, PR Consultants, Ancillary Services, Michael Porters’5 Force Model.
3 Objectives of Advertising:-New Package.
4 Advertising Agency and its Working:-The Working Group in an Advertising Agency, Chief Executive Officer, Advertising Agency Selection Process, Relationship Between Advertiser and the Agency.
5 Consumer Behavior and Market Segmentation:-Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Understanding Customer Satisfaction is Therefore an Absolute Must in these Days of Service Competition, Stages of Buying Decision Process, Sources of Information, Ethics in Marketing and Advertising, Market Segmentation, Socio-Cultural Segmentation, Organizational Buying Behavior, Designing Persuasive Communication, Purchase Decision Plan, Religious Practices, Case Study.
6 Advertising Research and Dagmar:-Advertising Research, Methodology, Finding the Right Sample Size, Guidelines for Making a Questionnaire, Case Study.
7 Advertising Strategies for the Twenty First Century:-What Holds Good During Recession is also True during Heavy Competitive Advertising, Media Focus, Interactive Media, Case Study.
8 Media Planning and Product Positioning:-Introduction to Media, Media Research, Direct Advertising and Outdoor Advertising, Radio as Media.
9 Advertising Budget:Advertising, Case Study.
10 Creative Strategy: Art and Copy:-Assumptions, The Indian Scene, The Design Theory, Wrong Ways of Advertising, Know the Advertiser, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Radio Advertising Plan, Case Study.
11 Art Direction, Element of Design:-Visual Imagery, Questions for Discussions, Compact Disc-Music, Advertising Strategy.
12 International Advertising:-International Advertising Media.
13 Sales Promotion:-Product Promotion, Trade Promotion.
14 Practical Creative Process:-Print ads for a Luxury Beach Resort, Travellers Cheque ads for the Worriers, Brand Names are Vital for Brand Positioning.
15 Database and Web Marketing:-Introduction to Web Marketing.
16 The Perfect Plan: The Final Frontier:-Media Strategy, Media Chart, Crystal Cassette Company, Market Analysis, Advertising Plan Specimen, Advertising-Social, Ethical and Legal Issues, Ethical Problems, Legal Problems, Case Study, Media Planning, Media Status, Advertising: A Mass Communication System, Spreading the Message and Personal Influence.
17 Advertising of Services:-Services. 
18 Advertising for Small Businesses:-Rural Advertising.
19 Future of Advertising:-Summary.
20 Brand Management: A Practical Approach:-The Firm, LG in India is a Totally Owned Firm of the Koreans, Colour TV Market, Profile of LG CTV Buyer, LG Refrigerators, LG Washing Machines, Task Before the Students, Rates.
21 Advertising and You:-Careers in Advertising, On the Trail of Advertising Campaign, Assessing Effect of a Single Variable Spot Advertising, Case Study, Analytical Questions, Assignment.
22 Public Relations:-PR and the Government, The Investing Public, Press Conferences, Crisis Management.
23 Advertising and Macro-Economics:-Advertising and Society, How Does it Work? The Advertising Campaign, The Creative Art, Trends and Indications.
24 Real Time Case Studies:-Siemens Mobile Phones, The Ford Ikon, Result, Ford Ikon Report Card.
25 Advertising Challenges for the Twenty First Century:-Advertising Agencies, Mind Marketing, The Final Frontier.



Curriculum of Advertising Media Planning- Paper 2nd   (IBM- E1058)






Advertising: Introduction:-Objectives, Changing Scenerio, Importance of Advertising, Advertising Defined, History of Advertising, Case Study, Classification of Advertisements, Advertising Functions, Advertising Pyramid, Advertising Tycoons in India.


Advertising and Society:-Objectives, Impact of Advertising, The Impact of Ads on Children, Womwn and Advertising, Ethics in Advertising, Codes of ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility..


Advertising: A Marketing Tool:-Objectives, Marketing Concepts, Marketing Process, Marketing tools, Advertising Agencies, Synergy b/w Marketing and Advertising.


The Consumer Behaviour:-Objectives, Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy, Nature of Buyer Behaviour, Learning, Memory, Motivation, Personality and Emotions, Consumer Decision Process.


Advertising Planning:-Objectives, Strategic planning, the marketing Plan, Advertising Plan, Background, Situation Analysis, Marketing Objectives, Advertising Objectives, target Audience, Positioning: Brand, Image and Brand Personality, Creative Strategy, Message Strategy, Media Strategy, Advertising Budget, Implementation and Evaluation, .Integrating Advertising with Other Marketing Communication Tools.


Advertising Research and Account Planning:-Objectives, Purpose of Advertising Research, Research Objectives, Advertising Objectives, Components of Advertising Research, Advertising Strategy Research, Other Objectives, Attitude Measures, Copy Testing, Media Research, Account Planning, various positions and functions in a full Service Agency.


Working of Advertising:-Objectives, How to Develop an Effective Advertisement and Understanding of How Advertising Works, How Communication Works, Advertising Response Hierarchy Models, Developing Advertising campaign, Deciding Advertising Appeal, Advertising Execution, Media Mix Decisions.


Role of Creativity:-Objectives, What is Creativity, Creativity and Advertising, Elements of Creative Advertising, Key Factors in Successful Advertising, Planning Creative Strategy, Taking Creative Risks, The Creative Process, The Style: Hard Sell or Soft Sell, The Appeals, Too Much of Creativity, Creativity versus Profit, Award winning Advertising.


Creativity through Language:-Objectives, Role of Copywriter, Importance of language, Rhetoric of Advertising, Linguistic Deviations.


Layout of Advertising:-Objectives, Steps Involved in the Predesigning Phase of an Ad, Components of a Print Ad, The Layout, Some Mistakes to Avoid, Be Different.


Print Media:-Objectives, Advertising Media, Characteristics of the Press, Categories of Press, Directory Advertising, Direct Mail Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Transit Advertising.


Television and Radio:-Objectives, Television Advertising, Radio Advertising.


Web Advertising:-Objectives, Importance of Online Advertising, Types of Online Advertising, The Five Multable Laws of Web Marketing, Case Study, Integrating Online Advertising with Traditional Media, Challenges of Online Advertising, New Developments in Online Advertising.


Advertising and integrated Marketing Communications:-Objectives, The Promotional Mix: The Tool for IMC, The Promotional Planning Process, Elements of Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Publicity, Internet Marketing.


Advertising in a Multicultural Environment:-Objectives, Evolution of International Advertising, International Perspective, Economic Environment, Demographic Environment, Cultural Environment, Political and Legal Environment, International Advertising, Laws and Regulations, Future of Global Advertising.